Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Piney Woods

Yes, another picture of the property! A good portion of the land is wooded with pine and oak, with some other species mixed in for variety. This area is just off the west side of the house, where the previous owners cut and stacked the firewood.
We have heard from the lawyers that there is clear title, and that the right of way seems to have no restrictions. We've decided to get title insurance.
The financing has been no problem. The building inspection revealed a couple of issues that will need addressing, but nothing structural... and nothing that would prevent us from purchasing the house. So, the appraisal will be done on Saturday, and it seems we may possibly be able to close next week as we've been hoping. There is a possibility that it may get drawn out longer than that... the current owners still have items in the house that will need to be moved, and we don't know what their schedules are like for closing soon.
But, we are ready! Our plan is, as soon as we sign the papers, we'll spend that first night at our new house.
In other matters, Richard is doing great after his hand surgery. It isn't easy doing things with just his left hand (he is right handed) but he is managing pretty well, using his right thumb as leverage when possible. We took the bandages off (the inner packing had come loose and was falling out in places) and got a good look at the STITCHES and the INCISION. We thought of posting the pictures we took, but were afraid they might be shocking to some of our readers. So, we're making the offer to email the pictures to those of you who are interested! Or, we could just post the pictures if there is an overwhelming positive response.
Piney Woods comes from The Portland Collection, Volume Two.


Shard said...

Show the pictures! The bloodier the better!

SK said...

>Ricky Ricardo! I hope your hand heals up soon instead of falling off like leperlimbs! Lots of Love,