Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March to May

Some photos taken Tuesday evening. CoCo sketches on the sofa as the sisters sift in at the end of their work days. Mom and dad pose for the camera.

Wendi relaxes in the den (left). Photos below of Deb and Kathy working on wrapping gifts.

March to May comes from Larry Unger's Reckless Reel, and seemed a good post title. This post shares our long distance March baby shower for my niece Tasha, who is due to deliver a son, Bailey, in May!

The Davis girls, in the company of the Davis parents, gathered this evening for the shower.
It's always a treat for me to get together with my sisters... for a while we were managing to meet the first of each month and that was a lot of fun. I love how we laugh and giggle, and remember our years growing up. Tonight, mom was thinking back about those years, too. However, lives get busy and after missing a couple of months it never resumed. Now with mom and dad back in Maine, settled nicely in their new home, I have a feeling we'll have a renewed commitment to getting the family together fairly frequently.

This event was hosted at mom and dad's house, and we all contributed some healthy dinner/buffet foods. After we ate, we gathered to show each other what we had chosen for little Bailey and then took turns talking to Joline and Tasha on the phone as we wrapped the gifts. Once the last bow was placed, and the paper scraps cleaned up, we had cake, rosettes and pizzelles (?spelling?) which mom had made. Fabulous evening!

Good luck Tasha... enjoy the last few weeks of sleep!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great food and great company!

Anonymous said...

This WAS a fabulous evening Pam...and many, many thanks for your wonderful contributions- taking photos, gifts, delicious sandwiches, excitement, and energy:) JD

Anonymous said...

Sorry AGR and I missed it... sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves and Natasha will have many treats at her door soon.