Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cup of Tea

Here are the long awaited results from the morning spent at Hallowell Clay Works earlier this month. To the left, you can see my fine works of art, the fiddlehedz mugs complete with fiddlehead ferns!

Duchess, Joleeen and I had decided we would each make two mugs for ourselves, and make a third to donate to raise money for a scholarship fund. This was all being promoted through Slate's in Hallowell. Once the mugs were all fired and glazed however, it was too hard to decide, and none of us were able to give up the third mug... so we purchased all of them! In the long run, we've still donated money to the scholarship fund so we feel good about that. And we've got a tangible reminder of a fun 'girls morning out'.
My mugs are the first thing acquired for Fiddle Ridge. The size and shape could easily make them quite useful as tea or coffee mugs, vases, desk accessories, or in the bathroom to hold various items. The glaze color is perfect for this design :)

These are TMadd's creations. The sunflower is just BEAUTIFUL... and the 'Duchess' mug makes it very clear just who is drinking out of THAT mug. Her third mug, with the dragonfly, will be sold to MMS.

I absolutely LOVE Joleen's "Crilly" mug... it is going to be a big hit in her home, as will the dragonfly and the star mugs. One thing I noticed she did (and I did not) was to put the date on the bottom of her mugs. I did engrave 'fiddlehedz' but no date. Something to remember for next time we do any pottery projects!

Cup of Tea comes from The Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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