Thursday, April 03, 2008

Belfast Jig

Aha, spring is here at last! Though the snow is not melting much in the front yard, the driveway and road are showing promising signs of mud, and while that may not sound good to most folks, for us it means the inevitable disappearance of great chunks of ice and snow! The cold weather earlier this week allowed us to drive in but it's back to parking out near Walton Road and walking in for a little while.
In celebration of the warmer weather and bright sunshine we ate lunch outside today, nestled in a corner away from the wind on sun-warmed bricks. What did we have, you might ask? Lentil soup made with leftovers from a pork roast Richard had made~ delicious! Not to be satisfied with our leisurely lunch in the sun, we also managed to get in a nice walk (for me) and a run (for Richard). I noticed lots of birds singing and flitting about... another sure sign that we're in for some lovely weather very soon!
Tomorrow night, Friday, is the Dance Series in Belfast for those of you who want to get out and contradance.
Belfast Jig can be found in the Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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bryan said...

Hard to imagine when it's so nice here!