Friday, April 25, 2008

Wizard's Walk

Ignore my scowling face, I'm reading without my glasses on and I'm afraid I present a rather fierce expression... I think I was fairly entertaining to Avery and Paige, keeping their interest throughout most of the story.
A beautiful spring day was made even more special by a visit from the grandchildren and their mom! Sunshine and warm temperatures made for a perfect walk around the property through many a mud puddle and over some remaining patches of snow. Temperatures here were in the low 70s! We also had a nice picnic lunch outside and worked in the front perennial garden, gathering flowers to be transplanted in Jen's yard.
My grandfather loved working in, and walking around, the woods not far from here. On occasion he worked in area paper mills and businesses, but his heart was in the woods and he was happiest running his saw mill and being outdoors. Someone I knew years ago remembered seeing my grandfather in those surroundings, happening upon him without forewarning and thinking that this old wizened man was some kind of wizard! Although we didn't see anyone like that today, the thought runs through my mind and maybe that's close enough!
Wizard's Walk comes from the Portland Collection.


B said...

EEK! I'll make sure you've got glasses on when my kids are sitting on your lap :). It's almost time to play catch-up. ME-2, CA-0

MaGreen said...

I love the story about your grandfather. And your grandbabies are beautiful...