Monday, April 21, 2008

Chorus Jig

We got to dance Chorus Jig for our anniversary! After a full morning of yardwork, and some inside chores and packing, we finally hit the road a little after 3:00pm. We stopped to have coffee in Portland with SK before heading west to Nelson NH for their regular Monday contradance. We only had time to do three dances, one of which was Chorus Jig, a great old chestnut (though we did it as a regular proper contra set.) We got to the Latchis Hotel in Brattleboro where we'll spend the night thanks to Jen, Toby and Bryan's gift certificate from a couple years ago... no expiration date! We'll have breakfast here in the morning and maybe a walk before heading for Niagara Falls which is about 6 1/2 hours from here according to Map Quest.
The Latchis Hotel is really old, and very charming... right downtown in Brattleboro. It's been a lovely anniversary!


B said...

Glad you finally got to use it! Enjoy Niagra.

jen said...

Yeah!!!! Finally a weekend away in VT!!!!!