Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Nice Combination

Sunshine + gentle breeze + daughter + grandchildren = a nice combination.
Friday afternoon offered a bit of warm sunshine and we took full advantage of it by sitting outside for as long as it lasted. Avery blew bubbles and mowed the snow while Paige slept peacefully. We had our first ice cream of the season, shivering as the clouds moved in, warmth and sunshine gone 'til another day. Back home, Jen and I read stories to Avery and took turns holding Paige.
As with most babies, there's a tendency to "compare" them to the parents and siblings... the baby has mama's scowl, daddy's chin, big brother's nose... Paige had "inherited" all these things. But, there were quite a few moments yesterday when I'd glance at Avery and I'd see him in a new light, sporting Paige's pout, her raised eyebrows, or her half smile. She hasn't been around very long, but already she's making her own impression on the world. The thing is, we're each of us so unique in appearance, character, and demeanor... and we're each such a nice combination of nature & nurture from the genetics of our parents and ancestors to the cultural norms of entire generations. So, when we say "Oh, you got that from your father/ mother" we're recognizing connections and creating identity. Avery and Paige have a lot in common already.
A Nice Combination is a contradance written by Gene Hubert... one we've used several times.

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