Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary... To Us!

Taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia in 2005.
Acadia National Park 2005.

Three years ago we got married and forever joined our lives together. It's been a wild, fun, crazy, enlightening time and as much as I sometimes like to think "we don't every do anything FUN," the truth is we've done a lot of really fun, cool stuff.

Things we've done: Ashokan, Maine Fiddle Camp, Falcon Ridge, San Francisco, become grandparents twice :), Virginia, Cape Breton, bought a house, dance-dance-dance, learned to call dances, played for community dances, and learned all kinds of cool things about each other!

This year we'll take a quick trip to Niagara Falls to sightsee, to stop on the way to dance in Nelson NH, to practice calling in the car, take some photos, and generally hang out with each other without distractions of spring chores (which we have been madly getting done so we can take a quick break!)

Happy Anniversary Richard!


Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!

Bryan said...

Have a great trip!

MaGreen said...

Happy Late Anniversary.