Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hog Eye

We started something new this morning~ something not entirely random, something somewhat planned, something we both have an interest in doing.... WRITING. Not as easy as you might think! We have quite a few books on writing techniques, and some ideas of our own but one HUGE hurdle is committing to the act of writing. So, we decided to utilize some of the exercises designed to stimulate and motivate people to write and did this exercise together: we randomly selected 10 words from the dictionary and then spent 10 minutes where we each composed a paragraph using all 10 words. Finding connections that made sense was a challenge, but we did it and had fun in the process. I'm looking forward to doing this again next week! Here's my sentence (I'll put the dictionary words in bold print)
As the comet hurtled through space on its earthward path, its flaming tail was visible in the night sky in brilliant displays of saffron, russet, and gold. Robert Clive was on the hotel terrace conferring with a host of other statesmen from Cirebon, Bangkok and his home city of New Delhi. Clive had an eye for detail and as the statesmen discussed possible military alliances, tentative plans for a linkup of key leaders were formed. The front line of attack would engage troops from all three cities and would serve as a symbol of unity. The abradant demeanor of Clive did not deter discussions, as it was attributed to his recent diet of bananas that altered his aldosterone levels. While talks between the three leaders came to a close, the tail of the comet disappeared in the night sky over Indonesia.
Yeah, a pretty weird story line but remember, 10 random words and 10 minutes :)
Hog Eye is a tune from the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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