Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Grand Picnic

This photo was taken late this summer when Richard and I went to Little Deer Isle in search of a fiddle. We didn't find one this particular day, but we did have a great time playing tunes out in this field that was strewn with rocks. It was great fun to be playing outdoors, standing on rocks, playing into the breeze, looking out over the fields and pond, and smelling the ocean air. We had brought along a bit of food left over from a lunch at the Belfast Co-Op which made a Grand Picnic, a nice tune that can be found in The Portland Collection (first and un-numbered volume) . We make a good attempt to take our fiddles with us everywhere we go, on the off chance that we'll be inspired to stop and play some tunes. Oh, we did end up with a fine fiddle a couple of weeks later :)

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