Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Devil's Dream

What a great tune this is... great energy and great fun to play. This was one of the last tunes we chose at the end of our Tuesday jam... not one I've played often, but one that I always LOVE. And I did it without books or sheet music, which was a little victory for me. I learned to play instruments using printed material, and it's a crutch I still rely on heavily... and it's something that is no longer a crutch but more of a hindrance most of the time. When our books get left behind and I'm forced by circumstance to just PLAY, I am quite capable of working through the tune and by the second time through I can almost always get it... so it seems like I have all that I need inside of myself to just PLAY the TUNES. Gotta work more on that :)
Devil's Dream can be found in the Fakebook and also in the Repertoire.

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