Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Laughing Boy

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening with Avery today... we had such great fun together! We colored, sang songs, had a snack, stacked legos... and Avery practiced his newly learned football moves which include yelling "Foot-ball", "Tack-el" and "Run". He then pretends to be running with the football, slows down and drops to the floor, lies on his side with one leg up in the air... then he gets up and says "Okay!" and does the whole routine over again... too funny! I think he would have done this until bedtime if I hadn't intervened with a few other activities. This photo is NOT an activity I thought up, this was purely Avery's idea to put on my shoes and walk around! He's a really sweet little boy, and I just love spending time with him. Jen and Jason are doing a fine job raising him.
Laughing Boy comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Grammah! He is such a character these days!! He loves to wear our shoes and try to walk around. I miss my baby! All of the boys. Thanks for posting a picture for me... makes me smile all the way from Denver!

Fiddler said...

I knew you'd love it :) He talked about you a lot... "Mommy, plane" and then he'd wave his hand around in the air... He always followed it up with "Daddy, care" and made a curling motion with one arm like a half-hug... Very sweet... Oh, I got to see him yell at Max to stay away from the road too :)

Anonymous said...

He likes to be in charge of Max... Max road, Max lay down, Max move!