Friday, November 10, 2006

Gray Days of Autumn

Sunshine and blue skies dispelled any memories of recent rain and gray days. Temperatures were mild, and the annual pre-holiday shopping trip for me and my daughter was wonderful, weather wise. We always have such fun, not having any plans for purchasing anything in particular. Indeed, we've been asked, "Well, what did you get?" or "Why do you go?" To which I answer, to spend time together.
What a great 'girls day out'. We do go to a few select stores, sometimes just for the experience... there are actually a couple of stores we almost NEVER buy anything. But we like to look, see what is new on the shelves, smell the smells, see a few familiar faces... and we talk... and we chat... and we discuss things. And we have lunch out, and chat more, and shop a bit more before heading back north to our respective homes.
The gray days of autumn lead soon enough to the gray and cold days of winter. But somewhere in between are the bright and happy days of pre-holiday and holidays... full of laughter, stories, and sharing. Jen and I will have other shopping trips this season... but we look back with smiles on our trip to the "Old Port"...
Thanks Jen for a great day... I love being your mom, and your friend!
Gray Days of Autumn can be found in the Curvy Road to Corinth.

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