Sunday, November 12, 2006

Green Eyes

These Green Eyes were on the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon.
Dick and Betty drove up from Topsham with all the makings for sandwiches to share with us for lunch, and to celebrate Richard's birthday. I love entertaining, and this lunch was a lot of fun, as well as EASY! Having all the sandwich fixings ready to assemble, a side salad, and a pot of meatball soup made for a hearty and tasty meal with very little fuss. For dessert I made a cheesecake (Richard's request) with a Butter Rum Sauce. After lunch, the guys went into our newly appointed den & tv area to watch the game while Betty, SK and I clipped coupons and had some 'girl talk' in the living room. In the evening, Richard, SK, Toby and I used this space again to watch the Wizard of Oz! This is probably the most television viewing that has happened in this house since we moved in! Television isn't my favorite pasttime, but it's nice to have it available now and then for something planned and special.
Green Eyes can be found in the Waltz Book, volume two.

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