Friday, November 17, 2006

Rainy Day Waltz

It's pouring rain and the winds are a-blowin' this morning... and we're taking full advantage of the weather situation to catch up on inside chores. We're listening to Aztec Two Step, having a nice leisurely breakfast of yoghurt and granola, and I'm thinking about the things I want to accomplish over the next week or so. I am feeling a HUGE surge of creative energy washing over me... now to channel it toward good instead of evil :) All kidding aside, I love having a seemingly endless amount of time to use anyway I want (in my life, anything more than 3 days is a luxury) and I have a lot of ideas, projects in progress, and even a couple of chores that I want to tie up so I can get onto other fabulous things! Music has a huge impact on me when I'm in this sort of mood, and ATS has just the right sort of affect on me.
In other news, I believe little Samuel Crilly has made his debut into the world, though I haven't had any formal word... Congratulations to Justine and Forrest! Life will never be the same :)
Rainy Day Waltz is a tune from one of our binders, written at Maine Fiddle Camp a few years ago by my sister and other tunesmiths in training, with the guidance of Steve Muise.

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