Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary...

Today is the official 50th anniversary of my mom and dad's marriage... Happy Anniversary! You may remember stories and photos posted earlier as we celebrated as a family. I had tried to call them earlier today with happy wishes, but got no answer... another try with simliar unsuccessful results... and I wondered where they could be... and if it was possible they'd gone to the beach. Popham has been a favorite place for them, and in turn for all of their daughters (me included). Indeed, when I reached them late this afternoon I found out they had taken the day to themselves to stroll along in the sand, enjoying the fresh air and one another's company... I can't imagine a better way for them to mark this milestone in their life together.

My mom and dad have always been strongly and openly supportive of one another, in their marriage values, in the way they raised their five daughters, in their community activities, and in their personal growth and interests. They've experience many events and emotions over the years, always together, two unique individuals united as one unique entity... a model for my sisters and myself. Spontaneous and solid, stern and loving, quick with advice and as quick to listen... I'm lucky to be their daughter, and I wish them well as they continue their journey together... I love you both.

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