Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dog Amongst The Bushes

This is an archived photo from our hike up Mt Pisgah in October of this year. Bryan had a good time showing Avery how to do interesting things like jump and ride on Oscar's back. Avery is quite impressionable these days, and remembers so much... good AND bad :)

Bryan has arrived in California, found a place to live, and will start his new position next week. We'll miss him at the Thanksgiving table next week, but if he holds true to form, he'll find people to share a turkey with and form some lasting friendships.

Dog Amongst the Bushes is a fiddle tune we've collected along the way, who knows where it came to us from!

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jen said...

Awww... look at the boys! That was a great day. Yes, Avery was obssessed with jumping after Uncle B demonstrated jumping from his cabin ladder w/ Avery in hand.