Monday, November 06, 2006

Road to California

The road to California started in Wayne Maine this morning. Bryan has been home for a couple of months or so, and Richard & I have had a wonderful time with him. B is a free spirit, seeking adventure and opportunity wherever he can find it... we wish him well. In all his travels though, he still has a strong sense of home here among family. He's spent his time in Maine well, seeing his grandparents, working with good friends Paul and Chris, hanging out with his brother Toby and sister Jen, showing little Avery how to be spontaneously crazy and have fun, and enjoying some good food and a bottle of wine now and then with us! There are moments when I feel a bit guilty for treating him like the "prodigal son"... planning family breakfasts around his being here and organizing a hiking trip or a dinner here at home. The truth is, I understand both sides of that story. It's wonderful, I mean truly wonderful, being available whenever Jen and Toby can be here... and incorporating them into whatever activities are going on... especially Toby because I see him almost every weekend... and it's easy to take advantage of the fact that if I don't see them this weekend there's always next weekend. When Bryan is home, it's an opportunity to make up for all the weekends that I haven't seen him, packing in as much as possible while he's here, before he's off to discover a new corner of the world.
The challenge is to make every moment special for anyone who's around me! I think my personal motto could be the same as Pepperidge Farm... "Never Have An Ordinary Day"... or in other words, a little special is good for everyone :) We wish Bryan safe travels as he drives to San Francisco with the pups, and wish him well in his new job there.
Road to California is a tune we've played a few times recently, and can be found in the Portland Collection.

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