Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brenda Stubberts

Saturday night we attended the North Yarmouth contradance at Wescustogo Hall... in many capacities.
The Sound of Music... We brought our sound system, and had a full lesson in setting up for a contradance in a hall. Our friend Ed, from whom we purchased the equipment, was there to guide us and offer helpful information in both the setting up and the adjustments needed throughout the entire evening. We know we'll learn a little more every time we do sound for an event, but we certainly gained a lot of confidence with this on-the-job-training. It's nice to know that we got a good system too, everyone had positive comments last night.
Music for the Dancers... We brought our fiddles and the bass, to play at the Family Dance with the Wescustogo Ramblers. There was a full stage last night, in part because a lot of fiddlers had attended a workshop presented that afternoon by Cape Breton's own Brenda Stubbert. Jeff (guitar) and Maggie (fiddle) lead the Ramblers through jigs and reels as children & families have fun on the dance floor, following the calls of Kathryn Larson.
Feet to the Floor... We danced :) The 2nd Saturday dance at Wescustogo Hall is always high energy. Great musicians and great callers combine here every month, and the attendance shows just how popular this contradance is. Brenda Stubbert & Melissa Emmons were hot last night... and not unnoticed was the fiddling presented by Frank Ferrell and Ed Howe.
Brenda Stubbert is a well known fiddler from Cape Breton Island. She's written many tunes, and had many written for her, including Brenda Stubberts which can be found in the Portland Collection, first volume.

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