Saturday, March 03, 2007

Far From Home

We got a nice snowstorm on Friday, and my sister brought this book for me to read while the world swirled in white. It's fun to pour myself into a good book, I don't create the time to do it very often. But, having the book delivered to my door and having nowhere I had to be, I took full advantage of the opportunity. I read about half of it last night, and finished it this morning... I just couldn't put it down! (Last night I literally fell asleep reading, or I would have possibly done the whole book in one sitting).
Chris Bohjalian is an amazing author. This is (I believe) the fifth book of his that I've read, and I've been pulled into each one of them, fully absorbed. This particular book had some focus on the plight of the homeless, and how they might get into that situation. It was really very interesting, and thought provoking, and still lingering in my thoughts this afternoon. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have stability in my life, and a strong network of family and friends to help me maintain good perspective of who I am, and my place in the world... all while allowing and encouraging me to dream big and live into those dreams.
I had the chance to spend some time at the Shelter in Augusta, and learn about some of the reasons people end up in desperate situations with a lack of housing, money, and resources to get their lives together. Some of them are Far From Home mentally, some physically... but all emotionally detached from the kind of home I have in my mind.
Far From Home is a tune from the Portland Collection.

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