Saturday, March 17, 2007

Irish Lamentation

Happy St Patrick's Day!
I am full of Irish lamentations and expressions today, in particular o'sneezy and o'coughy :) I've had this cold for a few days now, and no signs of it slowing down at all... as the Irish say, o'well, I'll be o'kay.

The rain and sleet will keep us indoors, and last night's snow will keep us off the roads at least until things are cleaned out. Music is on our agenda later this morning... we'll be practicing polkas, jig sets, and reel sets for the upcoming DownEast Country Dance Festival being held in Topsham on March 30-31. Our Tuesday jam group will be playing polkas for a workshop being presented by friends of ours. And the jigs & reels will be played by a huge group of musicians joining forces as the Festival Orchestra.

I've been having fun telling Irish jokes this week. Generally speaking, I'm not a great joke teller but I think I'm getting the hang of it! It's been even better in my Irish-Punjabi accent, and now with a nasal snuffly tone, I'm sure I'll be a big hit all day as I tell my Irish tales.

Irish Lamentation is in the Waltz Book, volume two.

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