Saturday, March 24, 2007

Frogmore Lodge

Avery dropped by for a visit this morning, sporting his new FROG BOOTS, great for slogging around in the mud! We got to share some yoghurt & granola, some stories, and some hugs!
Jen & Jason drover their new truck, a Nissan Frontier, that is going to be fabulous for summer recreation which is coming up very soon. Avery has his own cup holder in the back, and Jen has lots of cubby storage throughout... essential with a family!
Here on the home front, we've been doing chores & some spring cleaning. My goal is to get the cobwebs out, closets cleaned, and drawers organized before we go on vacation in April. We got a good amount done today. I love opening the windows (even for a short time) for fresh air. The plants have gotten their leaves washed, and they all look much happier and certainly more green! Frogmore Lodge is looking pretty spiff today (as long as you don't venture too far past the living room and kitchen, haha).
This tune comes from the Lighthouse Collection.

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JR said...

What a great photo of Avery... he's so happy! He had so much fun stomping in the water this weekend... and showing off his new puddle boots.