Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Morning

First day of spring! Not that it feels like, or looks like, spring outside right now. I'm ready for the snow to melt & be gone... to smell that deep, musty scent of dirt... to feel sunshine on my face while I lay on the stone walkway... to drink tea while listening to birds sing outdoors... to rake leaves & debris from the matted grass... to slog through the muddy driveway... to break apart the last piles of snow to make them melt faster... to open the windows... to wear sandals without any socks... All these things and more... one day at a time...

When my sisters and I were young, we would spend spring afternoons laying on the roof outside our bedroom window, soaking up the sunshine. We didn't think mom knew we'd climbed out there, but it turns out she did. Could be a neighbor drove by and saw a bunch of kids hanging out on the roof, and they might have called her to let her know. But probably it was just her un-erring fifth sense that let her know we were up to some kind of mischief :)
At work, I heard red wing blackbirds this morning in addition to the gold finches, chickadees and robins. I haven't heard the cardinal since the time change, but it's darker now when I get to the office.
Happy Spring Everyone!
Spring Morning comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.

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