Monday, March 19, 2007

When Sick is it Tea You Want?

Cold and flu season seems to be digging in pretty hard around here. I don't usually give in to it myself, but this past weekend I had to admit defeat and let my body rest. I drank lots of tea, napped, and generally took it easy. I know others (hope you're feeling better Kath) who have been zapped into submission too... and now even my doctor needed to take the day off and call in sick! No annual check up for me today :) My favorite all time tea has been Mandarin Orange in the beautiful black tin. Today I enjoyed some Lemon Green Tea, it gave me a nice "I'm taken care of" feeling when I drank it.
I did get home from work a little earlier than usual, and enjoyed having the time and energy to take a walk with Richard, fuss around in the kitchen making dinner, and even watch a little television before calling it a day.
Hope you're all staying healthy, and if not, my advice is to drink a lot of tea and get plenty of rest... then call me in the morning :)
When Sick is it Tea You Want? comes from the Portland Collection.

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