Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wizard's Walk

Tune of the week for the week starting March 4, 2007 is The Wizard's Walk, found in the Portland Collection (first, un-numbered, blue, indigo, or PC1 depending on who you talk to). This is a challenging, yet fun, tune to play and a great tune to listen to. Lots of energy!
Someone once told me they thought my grandfather was a wizard, because he'd appear in the woods out of nowhere. My grandfather was indeed a woods man, somewhat of a loner, very interesting and knowledgable about nature and life. In his later years, he sported white hair at the base of a bald head, sharp eyes, and quick conversation. He knew the woods and the land around his house as well, if not better, than he knew his own back yard.
Years after he died, I would be out skiing on trails through those woods, or walking out to the edge of the bog... and I'd imagine him out there taking stock of his world. Whenever I hear or see this tune, Wizard's Walk, I think of those woods and my grandfather.
Wizard's Walk was written by Jay Ungar, and there's a dance that's been written that goes along with the tune. Have fun with this one this week!

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