Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oyster River Hornpipe

Tonight, fiddlehedz & friendz played at the annual Oyster Supper held in the town of Vienna. The Oyster Supper was first held back in the 1800's, and though it hasn't taken place every single year since then, it has made a come-back. Our Tuesday night jam group was invited to play music throughout the dinner, from abou 5:00-6:30... well, we had such a great time playing, and the folks there had so much fun listening, we actually played until close to 7:30! There was Oyster Soup, many different kinds of chili, some clam chowder, breads... and pies & cake! Delicious! We took a break from the stage to enjoy the delicious food and to visit with some of the towns-folk. Richard set up the new sound system, and it was fabulous... it helped to blend all the instruments and create a beautiful sound. There were people clapping their hands, tapping their feet, and yes, there were even people dancing a little jig here and there!
Oyster River Hornpipe can be found in the Portland Collection.

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