Friday, January 13, 2006

Feed Her Candy and Tell Her Lies

Well, I wouldn't recommend telling lies! But I will say an informal test reveals you CAN feed women candy... much easier than men. How, you might ask? I got a SPECIAL SURPRISE from my friend Tonya recently, a bag of Smarties, which are just about my favorite candy. I've been rationing them for myself at home, sharing them with SK or Toby when they visit, but still had quite a few rolls left. Last night, Richard and I went to our friend Jeff's in Pownal for the Thursday night music jam, and I brought the remaining Smarties to share. At the end of the jam, I went around the room, offering my tasty candy treats to all. Who accepted? Almost all the women, and almost none of the men. INTERESTING! Richard thought that perhaps the women were just more polite, and graciously accepted even though they didn't really care for them. I don't think so! There were women asking "Are Those Smarties???" from across the room, and even asking for seconds. No, I think there's just something about Smarties that appeals to women. And the men? Well, I just can't account for their not wanting them, I can only be happy there are more for the girls :)

Update! My friend TMadd suggested one possible explanation for women being more receptive to Smarties than men. Women are able to get in touch with their inner child much more easily than men, and Smarties provide the stimulus for that to happen. Men are trained to put up a tough exterior, making it more difficult for them to allow their 'inner child' to make an appearance. (I've paraphrased quite a bit, but that's the idea). I think there's a lot to this explanation... What do YOU think?


Tonya said...

Did you introduce women to the "smarty sandwich"? Now, they can only truly be inducted into the "SMARTY CLUB" but going through the making of this incredible sandwich. :-))))
Have a fun day at Club-E. It was fun being a part of opening ceremonies even if there was no theme! :-)

Justine said...

My theory is that anyone who has had Spammie demonstrate the "smartie sandwich" & "smartie casserole" falls in love with smarties - man or woman; and if not then you are just not in the "fun club" and don't deserve them anyway :)

Tonya said...

I forgot about the "smartie casserole". That got me laughing!!! I'm off to Nick & Julee's to watch the Patriots kick ass....Justine, try not to shed any tears as I win back NICK'S LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))