Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Two Sisters

I was thinking how fortunate I am to have my sister Kathy to share music with. We had a really fun jam here at home last night... Richard, Kathie, Katya and I. Kathie and I share many similar interests, and join up in activitites throughout the year. The sisters are looking forward to seeing Natalie McMaster in concert soon. And there's always the Patriot's Day Annual Campout at Acadia in April. Lots of music in between.

Two Sisters is a lovely waltz written by Steve Muise.


Anonymous said...

Count us in for the Acadia trip in April... Mr Avery is definitely up for it this year!

Bryan said...

Let me know. I may be up for an April trip too. Hey, did you know Florida is really nice this time of year? I got back here and it was 75 degF, 50% humidity. I couldn't bear to work and spent the day outside washing salt off the bus. It doesn't get much better than this. There's usually a futon somewhere in Gainesville if you Maina's need a break from that nasty cold!