Sunday, January 01, 2006

Speed the Plow

Happy New Year everyone!
Have you all made your resolutions? You know, those promises to yourself to be a better person on the inside as well as the outside? Most of us do that a little bit all through the year, but January 1st has traditionally been the day we all TURN OVER A NEW LEAF ON LIFE.
As Richard and I were picking out a fiddle tune to play this morning, we wanted to start the new year playing something appropriate for the day, and we came up with Speed the Plow. It suited us both figuratively and literally as we look ahead at the next twelve months.
We want to acquire land and build our own home, to have a garden, to have a workshop, to create space to host music jams and family gatherings. There are a lot of ideas as to what that space might look like but none of it can take place until we get the land. Until now, we've had discussion about land listings, and we've even driven out to see a few pieces of property, but no serious inquiries or efforts have been generated.
As the new year starts, we have new resolve to make the land a reality. It means a focused effort to conserve our financial resources, to look for property listings and then go out and look at anything that might suit us, to formulate a plan and timetable for what to do with it this year.
When we were talking about Speed the Plow this morning, Richard created a mental image for me of a farm tractor just pushing as hard as it could to get that plow through the earth. I think of farmers from the 1700's and 1800's and how they had to get their plows through the earth in order to farm the land. Plowing earth is not easy, but once done, the land can be worked to produce an abundant crop. Richard and I are figuaratively at the plowing stage right now, plowing through our mental and emotional barriers to making this dream happen. Once we set our blade and plow through the first barrier of acquiring property, we will be able to drop that blade and literally speed the plow, work the plan, and have a life of abundance that we dream of.
It's a good model for other areas of my life too. New resolutions? Maybe not so many. More resolve for the dreams already in my heart? Absolutely.
Happy New Year.


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You have a great website here, and I'm going to tell all my friends about it.

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I have no doubt that your dreams will come true. You and Richard are goal setters and getters; reach for the stars. Are you still thinking of a commune? Happy New Year to you! Keep "plowing".