Friday, January 06, 2006


Everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that to be true. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the reason at the time, but sooner or later it can become evident.
A good friend of mine was in a very minor accident yesterday, barely even a scratch on her car from where another motorist slid into the side of the vehicle during the snowstorm. No problem with the vehicle on the way home either. This morning though, on her way to work, my friend noticed that whenever she went over 35 mph, the vehicle would start shaking. By the time she reached the city, she pulled into the dealership to have it checked out. They put the car on the lift, looked it over, saw nothing really wrong, brought it back down to the ground and told her the vehicle was fine. She asked if they might take it out for a little test drive, which they did. When the mechanic returned, he was shaken as much as the car, and immediately put it back on the lift for another look. He found there were some bolts missing that were supposed to hold the wheel on!
Now, it's possible that my friend may have noticed the vehicle shaking at some point, and would have had it checked out anyway. But I think that had she not been so focused on noticing if anything were wrong from the minor accident the day before, the shaking could have gone un-noticed. So even though the accident itself with no visible damage seems like a random incident, I think it served to save my friend serious damage to her vehicle and possibly even bodily harm had she been driving on the open highway when things went bad.

'Lucky' is a tune from The Curvy Road to Corinth by Larry Unger. Lucky is also my good friend!


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Tonya said...

Thanks Spammie! My truck has been vibrating too and I have done nothing about it. It's going to the dealership this week! Glad to know that your friend is alive and well and I am with you in that everything happens for a reason!

Fiddler said...

Hmm... the story continues to get drivers focusing in on the sounds and noises generated from their vehicles! Get the vibes checked out :)