Wednesday, January 18, 2006

For My Mother Dear

Richard and I got another book of fiddle tunes yesterday. For anyone who knows our collection of music books, you may wonder WHY we needed to purchase another one! In the process of looking up a tune on the internet, Richard stumbled across this book, listed by the Janet Davis music company. That alone was interesting enough to Richard, but when he called me in to see the web site, I saw this book of fiddle tunes with a QUILT on the cover! Pretty big coincidence! So, we didn't even really discuss it, we mutually just decided we HAD to have it! Neither of us had seen the book before, and it really has a lot of good tunes in it that are not in our other resources.
'For My Mother Dear' is a waltz from Waltz Book Volume Three (the red book).
For anyone interested, we've been compiling a list of the tunes that we have, and where it can be found. You can find the list on under Tunes.

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