Friday, February 03, 2006

Celebrated Stop

Richard and I went out to Belfast this evening to play our fiddles for the family dance. We had a lot of fun... mostly familiar tunes, some folks we know and even more new faces. There was a really good turn out. This dance series just started up a few months ago and it seems really well organized... good job Chrissy and friends! After the family dance there's a short pot-luck sharing of food and then the 'regular' dance gets underway. The band tonight was great, and the dancing was really good... many new dancers, and experienced dancers. Both are important... new dancers to keep the interest alive in the community, and experienced to help teach and make it fun for the newer people.
So, we left at the break, after having a nice waltz together and chatting with a few friends. The weather had been pretty foggy on the way over to Belfast, but not too bad on the way home, just patches of light fog. We got most of the way home, doing really good, and we pass a state trooper sitting in an empty store parking lot... no big deal. Except the blue lights go on after we go by! I asked Richard 'Are those lights for us?' Really, what am I thinking, the road is deserted and we're the only ones that have gone by him, I knew he wanted US, haha. So, Richard pulls over and we're trying to figure out why we're getting stopped because we're only going about 55 or so, and it's the highway, so we must have a light out or something. Turns out, there's a short stretch of 40 mph and we had just entered it and somehow missed the sign. Oops. The trooper was really nice though, here's what a small world it is, he is the brother-in-law of one of the girls I work with (I didn't realize this until after I read his name on the paperwork). I'll have to pass on a good report through her next week at the office!
We're celebrating that we didn't get a ticket, and that we now know there's the 40mph area. Both Richard and I have been making a serious attempt to be aware of the speed limit signs (yes, even me... I know there are some of you out there who may be doubtful but it's true). If you can share in our lesson this evening, and drive safely and withing the posted speed limits, then I'm happy I've shared the story. I'm just glad I wasn't driving, because I think Richard has a much better record than I do, and I might have actually gotten the ticket!


Justine said...

Knowing the trooper. . . all I can say is PURE LUCK!!!!

Fiddler said...

I know! Good thing he didn't know I was in the car, haha...