Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fiddling Around

Tonight was the regular 4th Wednesday music jam at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church here in Augusta. This well attended jam is a nice gathering of fiddles as well as other instruments. This evening we had a piano player, a couple of guitars, assorted whistles, flute, and accordian. The blend of sounds is really nice. This particular jam is a little slower in pace, so it's a nice venue in which to learn new tunes or practice some that need work! The company is really nice too, very welcoming for new folks joining for the first time, or for those who have been before but infrequently.
I love playing music. Tonight I mainly played fiddle, but I did play the guitar a little bit too. It's fun to just play. I got R a nice book for Valentine's Day called Zen Guitar. It's not about playing the guitar really, it's more about making music and living in that manner. More on that after I read the book! I think that's how I'm feeling lately. Not so interested in perfecting my technique or getting the exact bowing down cold, but in making good music. The techniques will help to some degree, but only to the level that I let the music really take over what I'm doing.
To some it may just be fiddling around, but playing the fiddle stirs something deep in my soul and I just get transported a little bit when I'm playing with a group of people... like at the jams.

Fiddling Around is a tune from the Fakebook.

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