Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cottage in the Grove

This is Bryan's cabin in Fayette. I've spent a good amount of time out there during summers previous to last year, enjoying the solitude and gathering my thoughts. The little cabin is really nice and provides good, dry shelter from the elements. This is the sort of place Richard and I are looking for... fairly flat, off the road, a bit of a clearing to start a garden, plenty of trees. B did a nice job constructing this place, and I know he'll be glad to spend a little time here soon... he'll be coming to Maine for a visit before he heads to Alaska for the summer. The cabin provides all necessary amenities, as well as the charm of being 'off the grid'. As I look back over my life, I've had the opportunity to live many different lifestyles, and I have to say that spending the night earlier this week brought me an overwhelming sense of joy and peace in 'being'. It helped to settle our minds on the direction in which we want to be going... to identify 'where we are' and 'where we want to be'... now to create the vision and take action! This little cottage in the grove serves as a visual focal point for now.

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Shard said...

I love the little cabin in the grove, and I love you, too! We will be building our little cabin together soon!