Friday, February 10, 2006

Old Time Waltz

This figurine of an old time fiddler was given to me this Christmas by my friend Robin. I like it because first of all it's a girl playing the fiddle! I also like the soft, old colors and the way she's dressed... big boots, long skirt, warm coat. She's definitely not in the height of fashion, but it's the kind of look I like. Old time. When I think about dressing like this, I think of having a garden, sewing quilts, baking bread, painting pictures, drinking coffee out of a hand made pottery mug. And when I think of doing any of those things, I think of being dresesed like this girl here. I think that's one reason why I like contradancing. A dance brings people from the big outside world, and gives them a place to put on their old clothes, their vintage skirts, and just 'be' their comfortable self. Now, don't think you'd go to a dance and not see some new dresses or some bling, 'cause you'll see that too. The point is, you can be whoever or whatever your heart dictates regardless of what anyone else has on. A little different than dressing up for Club-E on Friday, but the thing is, I really like doing that too. We each have the opportunity to wear many 'hats', or dresses, or shoes/boots. Take that opportunity to express yourself, find the activity or place where you can just 'be' whoever or whatever you are with like minded folks... and then really go into yourself and sense that pure joy of being! For me it's old time stuff. What is it for you?

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