Monday, February 20, 2006

Year End Two Step

A year ago I was single and getting myself back on track mentally and emotionally after a few years of not doing so good. A year ago I was also pretty lonely, but okay with that and getting out more with friends. A year ago I didn't have any idea that my life would be changing so drastically. A year can change everything.
I'm not lonely anymore, I never lack for companionship, and the joys are endless. Sometimes it's a rush of pure bliss, other times it's a quite feeling of contentment and I love both those feelings. This coming Friday night will be the first anniversary of the beginning of our life together.
So, we're not ending a calendar year or a fiscal year, but we are coming to the close of our first year together. We've learned a lot about each other, and about relationships and commitment over this past year. It's not just about being married, it's about being really, really good friends. It's about communicating and sharing, and being there for each other.
Here's to another great year!


Jaime said...

You sure don't LOOK like a grammie!! I think this may be the first time I've seen a picture of you and I can see where your children (and grandbaby) get their good looks from!! :)

Tonya said...

Happy Anniversary!!! :-) I remember the impromptu wedding! :-)
Best wishes for another fun-filled year!

Love ya sweetie!!!!!!!