Friday, February 17, 2006

String Theory

Richard brought the Martin (guitar) in for a much needed adjustment. It's a beautiful instrument, great sound and tone. But, it is a little difficult to play because the strings have been so high and it takes a lot of effort to get them down and keep your finger pressure steady for very long. Our friend Jeff recommended someone local to take a look at the guitar and he made those adjustments within a few days, hooray! We picked it up last night on the way to the jam in Pownal, and Jeff played it the entire time we were there. We won't be playing the guitar for a few days so we left it there for him (he's VERY HAPPY!)
I heard about string theory a few months ago, and I checked it out online. I found a really interesting website that has good information in basic terms as well as real scientific terms for those who would understand. Want to learn some science stuff that's pretty cool? Go to Let me know what you think.
String Theory is from the Portland Collection Volume Two (the green book).

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Tonya said...

I LOVE your background with the fiddleheads!!!!!!!! How did you do that???? We need to chat about it....maybe Tuesday at Club-E!

It was nice visiting with you at breakfast! Too bad there was the class, it would have been nice to sip coffee and knit at B&N!!! :-)