Monday, June 19, 2006

Brilliancy Medley

Brilliancy Medley comes from the Fiddler's Fakebook. Todays post about this past weekend's Maine Fiddle Camp includes a few photos for which I really wanted to have separate titles... so I've composed a medley of thoughts for my faithful readers today!

Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle...

This tune is an old favorite of mine from the Fiddler's Fakebook, though I don't play it often enough! Richard is certainly not old (and neither am I, haha) but once in a while I'll affectionately call him 'old man'. We had many opportunities to jam along with folks this weekend. This little stage with the piano is the focal point of the 'big tent' where all campers gather for orientation and performances. When not used for mass group events, it somehow continues to be a center for the 'really great musicians' to play. Anyone can join in, and even if we don't know the tune, or don't play it up to speed, we're learning more how to find one or two basic notes, and learn more from there. It's all a process. Fiddle Camp is a really fun, encouraging environment to do this.

Honest Woman of Many Trades...

can be found in the Lighthouse Collection... Cynthia plays a newly learned tune for a couple of fellow fiddlers after a workshop. The campers are grouped according to ability and age, and assigned a bird name (we are the Loons) and a nest location (tent near one of the buildings). The Loons gathered here for four regular workshops, and our instructors came to us. Typically, the instructor has an idea in mind to teach a new tune, often with some bowing or drone technique. They will spend an hour with us, breaking the tune down into pieces so we can learn by ear, and then putting it all together.
I've been attached to books and sheet music, and have found it a challenge to learn by what I hear... but it's getting easier all the time. The trick is to remember it AFTER the instructor has left! Even more of a trick is to remember FOUR new tunes at the end of the weekend :)

The Lighthouse Collection also offers Sweets for Breakfast... Here I am, enjoying a fabulous meal (breakfast I believe) cooked up by Second Breakfast. The food was delicious... it's so much fun to be at camp and have all meals provided for you... things always taste a little better when you don't fix them yourself! Breakfast generally included yoghurt, granola, raisins... an assortment of cold cereals... oatmeal... sausage (very delicious and not greasy at all), scrambled eggs, home fries... assorted breads and toasts. Juice, coffee, tea complete the breakfast menu.
For me, I like to start my day with yoghurt and granola, and coffee... but because we were at camp and it was right there for me to choose, I added sausage, eggs and home fries to the start of my day! Mmmmm... delicious!

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