Thursday, June 22, 2006

Paint the Paint

This is the barn at the Murray Street house... it needs painting before I can sell the house. Richard and I have painted the house itself, but hadn't gotten to the barn before we found the house in Wayne and moved.

I spent a good part of today scraping and painting and got the top half of the wall done over as far as the doors, plus the fascia above that section. Rain showers put a halt to the project, so I'll go back and finish tomorrow morning. A few other minor repairs, replacement of the oil tank next Tuesday, and the house will be ready to set a closing date. This little house served me well for the time I was there, and gave Richard and I a nice transition time before finding a place of our own.

The Lighthouse Collection is where you'll find Paint the Paint.


Tonya said...

I just missed you. I drove by this morning after waiting a VERY long time for a cup of D&D on Bangor Street...heading to Union for a business meeting! I can appreciate the picture because today I saw the barn and thought..."It could be painted". :-) Nice work Spammie! Don't forget to take some time for yourself this weekend! :-)

Fiddler said...

Time for myself this weekend is being with all my children on Saturday morning! Jen, Bryan and Toby are all spending Friday night at our house, as is Avery... So breakfast on Saturday will see all of us 'round the table... That is the most special thing I can even imagine! All work on all other projects has come to a screaming, wonderful, glorious HALT :)