Thursday, June 29, 2006

Daisy's Jig

More flowers from the garden. I get a meditation emailed to me each morning... it gives me a thought to focus on for the day. Today's is "Peace of mind comes with daily discipline" and I find this is so true. There are a couple of ways to think about this.
First is the short explanation that comes with the titled meditation... to have quiet time every day to just 'be'... whether it is prayer, meditation or some other way to focus your mind.
Second is my first impression when I read the title... that regular attention to the things that you want done (chores, exercise, etc) brings a sense of peace.
Either of these help to de-clutter my mind and bring peace to my soul. This in turn helps create energy and joy, and this generates creativity and passion... for me anyway! What are your thoughts?

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