Monday, June 12, 2006

Evergreen Lasses

This is where I spend 3-4 days a week working at Club E... it's a great dental practice! We have a committed team of employees (aka Evergreen Lasses) & doctors (aka Boston Boys) working together to provide quality dental care.
What makes this a great place to work? It's not just the team, or the dentists, or the philosophy and common mission... it is also the facility. The building expresses all the things just mentioned, and more. The presentation makes the first statement to each patient who comes to us for care... and it also speaks about our team of professionals. I think it says "We care about where we spend our time, and we care that we want the best for ourselves and for you."
You may notice there are a lot of windows... I've spent time this weekend washing them! They should be finished this week. It is amazing how much of a difference there is between those that have been cleaned and those that have not yet received attention!
On another note, Sunday afternoon was a time of celebration for my nephew Matt, as he graduated high school. I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT MY CAMERA, no pictures of this event. We had a good time, enjoyed good food, and really enjoyed being outside in the SUNSHINE :) One highlight of the afternoon was the attempts to open the new guitar case with the Fender inside... the latches were locked and many tries with the keys were unsuccessful... it took an engineer to finally figure out the design... Richard turned the key AND slid the latch and was able to open the case, much to the delight of all who were watching... HOORAY Richard for saving the day :) Matt has worked hard to reach this goal, and we're all proud of him!

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