Monday, June 26, 2006

Cape Breton Jig

I'm sure we'll hear a few jigs this evening at the Beolach concert we'll attend in Carthage, ME. Not too far of a drive for us from Wayne, the event takes place at the New England Celtic Arts. We had not heard of this venue before... a friend e-mailed us the information. This group of young adults is one of my favorites for Cape Breton style music. I've had the opportunity to see the group a few times, the first was at the Celtic Colours Festival held in Cape Breton. Various members of Beolach also do concerts and workshops solo or in small groups. We love hearing live performance, but distance and ticket prices are often prohibitive without a lot of advance planning. The concert tonight is both affordable, and less than an hour away~ both factors that made it easy to say "YES".

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