Saturday, June 10, 2006

Life Like A Sea In Constant Motion

This tune title comes from The Fiddler's Throne, and as I was going through the very long list of tune titles we've compiled, this one caught my eye. What a great visual definition of life!

This archived photo is from last year when Richard and I went to Popham.
We were surprised to see Dick Green (you may have read about him in some State of Maine fishing articles ) casting just offshore... we wondered why he didn't answer our calls "Hello..." but perhaps he was just intent on catching the fish of the day.

Richard wrote me a poem about love being like an ocean. Love and life both ebb and flow, are strong and surging, can be quiet and still, take on color and light from the surrounding atmosphere, support life, and teem with activity. I like to think about how my life, and my love are like the sea... deep, bold, every changing yet ever constant, full of undercurrents that follow the channels yet press against the rocky shores, reflective of the sunshine or clouds.

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Shard said...

It's a well know fact that when Dick Green is fishing, nothing can distract him from his task.