Friday, June 02, 2006

Visiting Dignitaries

Jen and Avery visited this morning... what a treat :) Though I've seen them both at family social functions, and I talk with Jen on the phone, and I was with A on Tuesday, it is not often enough that Jen and I get to sit and talk! Life gets pretty busy, hectic, and out of control in many ways... that's usually what hinders us from regular girl time rather than not wanting to do the mother/daughter thing. I know some moms/ daughters just don't have the desire to get together, so I'm really happy and proud to know that when the opportunity presents itself, there is no hesitation on either of our parts to clear our day to do just that.
Conversation invariably turns to 'Davis Girl' issues, things that my sisters, myself, and Jen have to deal with... in particular our personalities, and our inbred expectations of ourselves and those in our spaces. I know that to some degree, most women these days juggle husbands/partners, careers, personal needs, family in general, household chores, community/social obligations... not an easy balance for anyone. Martha Stewart comes to mind, because she's gotten such a bum rap about so many things. She has been subject of many jokes and snide remarks because she evokes an air of excellence in homemaking and women's lives in general. Well, guess what? I LOVE Martha! She may not have the best communication methods or the most tact in the world, and she may come across as sometimes rude and exacting, but she knows how to run a household efficiently, and how to maximize her time and resources. I am definitely NOT a Martha Stewart wannabe, but I do agree with many of her values, and I think my sisters and my daughter also lean toward having their lives, work spaces, home spaces be that sort of order & harmony with their personal life goals.
So, I want to thank Jen for taking time out of her day to come to Wayne, and visit me today. I am really proud of her for taking a stand for what she believes to be important, and for making such strong attempts to juggle all aspects of her life. I like to think we inspire each other :) as much as my sisters (Jen's aunts) inspire us. SK asked recently if she could be a 'Davis Girl', and I said of course. I should have qualified it a little bit, because in addition to the status symbol which is fun and cool, comes a little bit of setting yourself up for a bit of derision from those around you who like the 'idea' of your being excellent and accomplished, but not liking the 'impact' of how that gets accomplished. Being a Davis Girl is, for me, one of the highest honors I know!
Visiting Dignitaries comes from the Lighthouse Collection.


jen said...

A and I enjoyed our visit to the woods. He fell asleep instantly! I'm proud to be a Davis girl but not sure I'd wish it on anyone... we definitely all have very strong personalities. I admit I like Martha - but she can't possibly be my mentor... what does she juggle... and she didn't keep her mate even though she kept a perfect house. Hmmm... maybe that is the lesson grasshopper... we Davis girls need to lighten up on ourselves sometimes. I'll 2nd the motion to let SK into the club... but I'm not sure she knows all of the consequences!

Fiddler said...

I'm not sure Martha is my mentor, at least not now... maybe the early Martha...
I like to think I have my own ideals, I use her as an example because I don't know much about Katie Couric :)