Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Return to Milltown

Back to work I go after a week and a half of being home. This has been an interesting vacation for me, and I have alternated between whether or not I thought it was a 'good' one.
I haven't accomplished anything amazing. We haven't traveled to Florida or Virginia. I have not used my time as effectively as I would have liked. For all those things, I was feeling like I didn't have a very good vacation... like I'd have been better off working.
... in reality, I've had a wonderful vacation. In the months prior to having time off, we've moved, we're still 'newlyweds' getting used to living together, and I'd been spending quite a lot of energy getting the other house ready to sell. What had happened, as I see it now, was I had 'burn-out'. Low energy, low creativity, low motivation to do a big project. I needed this vacation to unwind, get to the point where I could relax, and have time and space to 'veg out'.
The great thing is, I had a really good vacation. We did a lot. We did travel to Brattleboro and I attended my first Dawn Dance. We thoroughly enjoyed having Toby and SK here, and I'm happy that I was totally here with them and not going to work. We put our garden in, and that was a major project! We spent time taking SK to MA with no deadlines for getting back. I spent a day with Avery, playing and reading books. We've danced, we've jammed, we've played music at home, we've talked. We've visited family, we've got the workshop started. I've had time to have long telephone conversations with Jen and Bryan. I feel rested. And I feel ready to get back into the routine I love. I'm so lucky to have had this time to get my bearings, get re-focused, and to reset my priorities in life... and when I look at how the past week and a half has been spent, I really have used my time effectively doing all the things I say mean the most to me. Thanks to Richard for putting up with me when I've been frustrated with myself for not getting things accomplished, for his support when I put all my focus into the garden, and keeping 'us' focused on doing things together.
Now, to get ready for work!

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