Friday, June 02, 2006

Maiden That Jigs it In Style

I got a web link to a live session from a Celtic Colours performance, and I just was so completely engaged...
There are many different fiddle styles, many tunes, many performers from which to learn. I sometimes am not sure just which is my favorite. When I hear "old time" my soul just wants to lean back and fiddle along. When I hear the tunes played in Cape Breton, I want to 'dance my feet' and play along. When I hear the Quebecois tunes being played, I want to fiddle along. The strathspeys, jigs, reels, waltzes, two steps, hambos, schottische... whatever it is, I want to fiddle along.
Maybe I'm developing my own style, a combination of all the fiddle styles I love. I guess that's what it's all about when it comes right down to it... learn as much as you can as far as technique and tunes and then just let your own soul dig into the music and find your own way to let it out!

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