Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bird's Nest

Last year we had a couple of birds nesting in the yard. A phoebe took up residence over window ledge on the north side of the house, tucked underneath the eave... that nest remains. A robin nested in an old apple tree, but we haven't seen signs of that nest since last year. I like watching the birds, and trying to identify them by their markings & colors, and songs. I don't know much about nesting habits, and which birds reclaim their spot from previous years. This will be our second spring here, I'll be watching to see who returns!
Bird's Nest comes from the Fiddle Music of PEI.


B said...

I like phoebes, and lgbs.

Muttie said...

My favorite thing about phoebes is that they scream out their name so everyone knows who they are... "PHOE-BEEEE"

Cynthia said...

The Phoebe's are fun. They do frequently return to the same nest year after year. We had a family in the woodshed in New Sharon for several years. But the best year was when they nestled in under the windowseat that juts out of the side of the house halfway up the stairs. When we come out the back door and down the steps, the nest was just at eye level, so we got to watch the babies grow up. But they went back to the eaves of the woodshed after two years in that nest.

Last year we had robins in the tall barn in East Livermore that were at eye level. I got to watch the babies the day they came out of the nest.

And there was a sparrow nest of some kind in the asparagus greenery! Watched those eggs and babies, too, but wasn't there the day they flew.