Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gravely Slow

That's how my day started! We'd heard the weather forecast for snow, but who ever knows how much will fall? Our plow guy called last night to say he wasn't planning to plow, but to call if we needed him. So, we got up to clean off my truck so I could get to work... but found a LOT more snow than we anticipated. We shoveled quite a bit, and tried getting the truck in a position where I could drive it out, but there was just SO much snow! We called the plow guy, but he was stuck in mud (which is why he didn't want to plow in the first place and I don't blame him), so we just asked that he come when he could, no pressure to hurry... and I called my office to say I'd be late... which NEVER happens. We walked out to the end of our road (about 1/10 of a mile beyond the driveway) to shovel out where the town trucks plow by, thinking I might be able to get a running start and just drive through the snow if it were clear at that end. But, it was going to be way too much. No one had been through our road, there were no tire tracks to work into, and there was mud underneath. So, I stayed put until we got plowed out around 8:30. Club-E was VERY understanding, and I did get there just as soon as I could. The up-side is that while we were waiting to be plowed out, we got to play some music and drink some coffee together, which does not happen for us on my work days... this was an unexpected pleasure, for which I am cosmically happy and thankful :) So, the Gravely Slow start ended up being a nice way to begin my day!
Gravely Slow comes from the Lighthouse Collection.

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Toby said...

One of the many joys of living in the sticks.... lol
Other then all the mud it looks peacefull..