Saturday, April 14, 2007

On a Hot Piano

Jen and Avery came for the day... how much fun! SK joined us in the afternoon to add in the festivities. The best thing about having them here for the day is that we get the sit down one-on-one visiting like we would do if it were a quick-stop-to-say-hello and ALSO get the talk-about-life-while-we-do-other-stuff like making meals, doing dishes or folding laundry. Avery clearly has our attention, and his two-year-old-ness takes over now and then when he DEMANDS a little more :) hahaha... He's such a good little boy though, learning good manners, talking easily with everyone, happy to sing and tell stories. He's also very interested in the wide array of musical instruments we have. He likes to pluck the bass as he walks by, he likes to shake the egg when we're singing, he even tried the fiddle last week. Today, he spent time at the piano. He's getting so he uses two hands, and even though he doesn't know the keys, if you listen you'll hear a sort of rhythm developing... okay, I joked about it today as being like jazz, but seriously, I watch him playing and see his head kind of going back & forth, and his shoulders moving in a rhythmic sort of way. Maybe my imagination, but I think he really has music in him just waiting to get out... it's fun to encourage that!
On a Hot Piano comes from Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes.

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