Friday, April 13, 2007

Old Joe

Our jam group played at the Cohen Community Center again (you may remember we played there last month). This program was mostly French/Canadian and Old-Time tunes and sets and it was a lot of fun. We started out with just me on fiddle, Richard on bass, and Wayne on guitar... we were expecting a couple of other musicians to join us. In an instant, we decided the show must go on, and we'd do our best... FABULOUS DECISION! I have had some hestitation in being the lead & only melody player, because I don't have enough self-confidence. Being thrown into the situation without fore-warning, I found myself just getting ready and doing it, and it went GREAT :) The three of us sounded so good. Our other two musicians did join us, and that was also very good. So good that we've been invited back by the audience as well as the management at the center... we return on June 29th to play for lunch again from 11:30-12:30!

The sets we put together for today were a blast to play... great rhythm, great tunes. There was a lot of foot stomping, hand clapping, and water glass tapping going on which made it even more fun for us... it's always good to have your audience engaged!

Old Joe comes from the Portland Collection.

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